The 3 Things Ever Trainer Must Know Before They Start Their Business! – #1

The 3 Things Ever Trainer Must Know Before They Start Their Business!

Whether you are thinking about a career as a personal trainer or just starting out, the following are the three things I wish someone had told me when I was first starting out! Hopefully, they will help you along your path to becoming a Personal Trainer (or a better one).

1.) You’re going to have to hustle!

No matter who you got your certification with or the education you received in order to get you where you are today in your training career; someone along the way told you that you were going to have to work hard to build a business and a consistent clientele. If you are like most trainers I’ve seen in my career, you most likely heeded the warning but nowhere near the level it is! So, hear me now; YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO HUSTLE!

If that sounds intimidating, good! But it’s not a bad thing, it just means you are going to have to work hard to get where you want to be (but that’s true of anything in life). I think the misconception that being a personal trainer is easy comes from the fact that most of (if not all) us get into this industry because we love training, we love what it has done for us in our lives, and we want to SHARE that with others. That is a great why! But let’s look at the numbers:

The average closing rate for the fitness industry (people that try a session with you AND sign up as a client) is anywhere from 10%-40%. That means for every 10 fitness assessments/free workouts you conduct, you can expect to “close” (sell) between 1-4 people. While great trainers can have a higher closing rate, most newer trainers to the industry will close between 1-4 people for 10.

In order to get those 10 people to agree to do a fitness assessment and/or a free workout with you, you are going to have to have somewhere between 30-40 leads (e.g. names and contacts of people who MIGHT be interested in training with you).

So, looking at the conservative math:

40 leads = 10 Free Workouts = 1 New Client

In other words, you are going to have to hustle!

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